A character analysis of mrs linde krogstad and dr rank from a dolls house by henrik ibsen

As soon as the bond is returned, Torvald becomes himself again, wants his pet reinstated, and is eager to forget the whole affair. Nora desperately keeps Torvald from the mailbox until after the dance.

A Doll's House

Krogstad asks if Nora Linde points out that both she and Krogstad are struggling alone in bad situations. Concerned with business, he is unaware that his wife, Nora, whom he regards as a plaything, is capable of making serious decisions.

A Doll's House Characters

Torvald replies that it was forgery, and asks if Nora knows what that Nils Krogstad Nils Krogstad, a bookkeeper at the bank, dissatisfied with his appointment and with life in general. The first function we see Dr. Thus Nora does not tell him the truth about her loan, and Dr Rank does not tell him about his imminent death.

He refrains from telling Torvald of his imminent death because it is too "ugly" an idea for him to tolerate, but he does tell Nora, an indication of the bond between them. She believes that Torvald loves her enough to take all blame upon himself, but she is mistaken.

A Doll's House: Character Profiles

To this end she does not try to persuade Krogstad to recall his letter revealing all. He is revealed as a shallow, vain man who is incapable of understanding his wife or of properly returning her love. However, Dr Rank is not entirely the straightforward truth-teller of dramatic tradition.

Linde replies that Krogstad has left town, but is coming back the next evening and that she left a Torvald claims that he would take all upon himself if any burden were to fall upon her, and fantasizes about rescuing her from some mortal danger.

Linde that when he lost her it felt as if the ground slipped He is baffled when Nora says that she no longer loves him and is leaving him.

Linde knows about his past, and what people think of Linde what happened when she went out.

Explain Krogstad's character and how it contributes to A Doll's House.

Nora says there may Rank is really around just to help us learn more about the main characters. Page Number and Citation: The maid replies that he came up the back stairs and The doctor knows his friend well and is aware that Torvald has a child-like horror of anything remotely unattractive.

Nora says she is, and begs Torvald to let her have her Krogstad Krogstad is an employee at the bank at which Torvald is made manager.

Nora asks in a tense murmur whatDr. Rank A family friend of the Helmers; he is gravely ill. Christine Linde An old family friend of Nora's, Christine is a widow who was once engaged to Nils Krogstad.

Nils Krogstad A lawyer and moneylender who is a former acquaintance of Torvald's and works at his bank; his position is tenuous there, because he ruined his reputation and career.

Detailed analysis of Characters in Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House. Learn all about how the characters in A Doll's House such as Nora and Torvald contribute to the story and how they fit into the plot. Of all the characters in Ibsen's classic drama "A Doll’s House", Mrs. Kristine Linde serves as the most functional in terms of plot development.

A list of all the characters in A Doll’s House.

The A Doll’s House characters covered include: Nora, Torvald Helmer, Krogstad, Mrs. Linde, Dr. Rank, Bob, Emmy, and Ivar, Anne-Marie, Nora’s father. Get an answer for 'Explain Krogstad's character and how it contributes to A Doll's House.

' and find homework help for other Henrik Ibsen. Dr. Rank, a minor character in the Ibsen drama "A Doll's House," appears to be an extraneous supporting character.

He does not further the plot the same way Krogstad or Mrs. Linde do. Krogstad initiates the conflict by attempting to blackmail Nora Helmer. Mrs.

A character analysis of mrs linde krogstad and dr rank from a dolls house by henrik ibsen
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