Advantages and disadvantages of the caste

The rigid rules of caste system compelled everyone to follow his hereditary occupation and this acted as a big limitation on the economic progress of the individual and the society. Therefore, the caste system has proved itself to be a very useful social institution. Performance of all rights and rituals, worshipping of different kinds of gods and goddesses and celebrations of different religious festivals are determined by the caste system.

This idea was wrong but the Aryans believed it. Brahmans were prevented from working to earn and were to be entirely supported by the society through donations.

A modified version of the old oppressive Vedic religion was created to include some aspects of Buddhism and the caste system was further weakened. Gandhi was a Vaishya, he wanted to create an image to the Indian people that he was against, by calling them harijans.

In the ancient period and even in the recent past, a mere touch of an untouchable used to regard as a sin. Caste and religion are inextricably intertwined. Another important function of caste is to choose the life partner.

Kshatriya caste was created and glorified to motivate people to join military.

15 Beneficial Functions of the Caste System in Rural Society in India

Subordination of the individual to an organised body: The caste system acts as a unique system of division of labour in the Hindu society. The caste system has separated the social from political life and has maintained its independence from political influences.

Approximately five thousand years ago there was a rebellion among the religious heads with respect to the crude rituals which involved animal and human sacrifices.

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That system was designed to function in a similar manner as honeybees and army ants. And i hope somebody answer the question to this.

What are the origins of the Indian caste system?

Caste system which was expected to raise man from savagery, acted to stop them half-way on the road to progress. Then there came Emperor Asoka who reigned over most of India.

Our Constitution now prohibits this inhuman practice and holds it to be a criminal offence which entails strict punishment. Third in ran was the vaisyas farmers, craftspeople and traders.

MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Once born in that case, his status stands pre-determined and immutable irrespective of any talent he may show or wealth he might accumulate. The cast system is very much like apartheid. Political stabilizer and social stabilizer: Civilization is not execempt from His law What are the merits and demerits of caste system?

In the United States class is determined by how much wealth you have, not usually by your occupation. Acts as a device of division of labour: The fourth caste was that of Saudra, the artisans, smiths, skilled and unskilled labor. Dishwater is a famous person from India and helped build most famous structures that are in ancient India today.

It has acted as a political stabilizer by assuring an orderly government against despotism. Caste system gave birth to the inhuman and immoral practice of untouchability in the Hindu society.15 Beneficial Functions of the Caste System in Rural Society in India.

Beneficial Functions of the Caste System in Rural Society in India are as follows: Caste constitutes an essential feature of rural social structure.

It acts as the most powerful determinant of individual behaviour and social order. However, caste has both positive and.

The Caste System Benefits and Disadvantages Now that you've learnt a little bit about what the caste system entails, let's look at what the caste system meant for society and the individual groups of people!

It brought order to society.

10 Main Disadvantages of Caste System in India

Everyone knew the role he had to play and the job he had to do. The caste system got in the way of economic development of all sections of society. More Disadvantages system became responsible for several immoral social practices and low standard of morality.

Current Category» Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology Disadvantage or Demerits of Caste System. 1. Undemocratic: Caste system denied equal opportunity for advancement to persons belonging to different castes.

Current Category» Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology Advantage or Merits of Caste System. 1. Preservation of Culture: Caste system helped in preservation of culture and these were passed on from generation to generation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the reservation system in India?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 27 Answers. Anonymous. What are the advantages and disadvantages of reservation for women in India? Does India need caste based, gender based, and/or religious based reservations?

It’s propagating notion of caste based.

Advantages and disadvantages of the caste
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