An overview of the speak to the hand by lakita garth

Three days after Damien was born her mother walked out of the hospital and was never seen again. On July 16,Lakita shared many of her ideas with a United States Congressional Subcommittee where she was invited to speak about the high cost of pre-marital sex and teen pregnancy. While living together she shared many things with me in hopes that no other girl would follow the path she took as a teenager.

The idea that virginity is in some sense hip is spreading through popular culture. How true is this? Even though the greatest determinant of women leaving the welfare system is marriage, not training programs Daniel T.

Robin Hood Foundation 1 million teenage girls get pregnant each year. It cannot be gambled away by choosing to ignore the casualties left over nearly 30 years by the Sexual Revolution.

Fortunately, Damien, like Zettion, has surpassed the low expectations placed upon black females and broken the statistics. Kids will never buy into an abstinence message. Their libido is too strong. He confided in me that he could only recall having unprotected sex one time, yet, if he had had the chance to do it all over again, he would have waited until he got married.

No, as a matter of fact most of them not only stopped but became productive members of society--and even politicians. He also asked me to share his story, graphic details and all, to every young person I possibly could. In the sixties many young people engaged in drug experimentation -- you may even know of a few.

Robin Hood FoundationZettion broke this cycle, not because she was accommodated with birth control but was empowered with self-control.

Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago, Ill. Much to my surprise I even found an unlikely advocate of teen abstinence, none other than talk show host, Jerry Springer, who earlier this summer was thunderously applauded by his audience.

Often, the physical enjoyment of sex is not an important motivation, particularly among young adolescence. A study in Family Planning perspectives, published by an affiliate of Planned Parenthood, and cited in the minority dissent bears this out.

Moreover, my mother raised a doctor, lawyer, engineer, a career naval serviceman, and I finished college in less than four years. Damien was also the statistic that children of adolescent mothers also become adolescent mothers.

By the way, what were those contraception failure rates again? The overwhelming majority of students I share this opinion with tend to agree. Medical Institute for Sexual Health Without exception every group of teens who hear these facts respond with surprise.

After receiving a standing ovation from the student body after a 75 minute abstinence presentation a young boy from DuSable High School responded to this attitude best with the affirmation of his peers standing by. For every law inherently sets a standard and an expectation of behavior.

Thus, I am a product of an amoral generation known as X and my counterpart known as the Milliniels. This mantra inherent in its own words implies that one not need to have any self-control, no disciplining of oneself, and live to gratify your passions.

What was sown to the wind is now reaping the whirlwind. We need new values to establish when and how we should have sexual experiences. Over a decade later these same children were followed up to document their progress.

Abstinence can and should be taught not only as the cornerstone of sex education but as a lifestyle to be mastered. These same individuals grew up and became parents to children who are now amoral -- without knowledge of any moral code -- in regards to their sexual behavior.Apr 22,  · haha this lady is sooo funny "i do youh, youh do me, and we do nobody else":D.

In conclusion, "Speak To The Hand" by Lakita Garth is a positive and enriching song that although teaches right from wrong, does so in a non-preaching and non-lecturing manner.

It is a outstanding way to reach people and educate them on the dangers and trouble that may result from unplanned and out-of-wedlock sexual encounters.

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InLakita Garth was named Miss Black California and 2nd-runner up in the Miss Black America pageant. In addition to speaking to youth across America, Lakita has also been a guest on several TV shows, including; MTV's Sex in the 90's, Politically Incorrect, The Image Awards, The American Television Awards, Nightline, Sally Jesse Raphael.

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An overview of the speak to the hand by lakita garth
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