Analysis of several articles on business sustainability

Organisations can learn from customers, employees and their surrounding community. These three impacts are sometimes referred to as profits, people and planet. So far, though, only SAS has a product that does what I imagined such a product should do, and more, and is for sale right now.

Measurement and control are at the heart of instituting sustainable practices. When I asked, most of them replied with some form of "Huh? Those organisations wanting to take a large leap forward should systematically analyse the environmental and social impact of the products they use and produce through life cycle analysis, which measure more accurately impacts.

Not only can organisations collect and collate the information, they can also be entirely transparent with outsiders. A more robust definition is that business sustainability represents resiliency over time — businesses that can survive shocks because they are intimately connected to healthy economic, social and environmental systems.

Articles on Sustainability

BI This Week Analysis: How do you spread out that capital expense and figure ROI? However, this approach relies on an accounting based perspective and does not fully capture the time element that is inherent within business sustainability.

These businesses create economic value and contribute to healthy ecosystems and strong communities. Dan Esty, co-author of Green to Gold: SAS released it in April apparently with the most complex applications in mind. These firms are also more innovative and adaptive to their environments.

There are a number of best practices that foster business sustainability, and help organisations move along the path from laggards to leaders.

BI is a natural solution, I believe, and experts I checked with agree. New types of data -- such as energy consumed, manufacturing waste, and emissions -- have to be rolled up into a big picture the way only BI can do it.

BI tools can be adapted to help organize the effort. Collecting the data was too hard, he said. Part of the BI-for-sustainability tool I hoped to find would work like any other business intelligence tool: Business sustainability requires firms to adhere to the principles of sustainable development.

Several companies -- including Oracle and Hewlett-Packard -- are developing tools to help. SAS for Sustainability Management, based on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, is a single platform for collecting, analyzing, and reporting any kind of data to calculate current and future impacts, whether environmental, social, or economic.

Although business people know how to judge financial data, few know how to judge units of carbon dioxide or kilowatt hours, especially as standards change.

Though a few vendors have products in development, only one has one for sale that can figure intricate carbon footprints across an enterprise or for a single product.Aug 17,  · Browse Sustainability news, research and analysis from The Conversation Articles on Sustainability.

Displaying 1 - 20 of articles André Stephan is a Friend of The Conversation. Watch video · Companies like Intel, Nike, Unilever, Wal-Mart and DuPont are making sustainability practices a core part of business. Strategic sustainability: Creating business value with life cycle analysis.

companies face a growing need to incorporate sustainability into their business models and marketing efforts.

But that is easier said than done. Due to the growing role and popularity of LCA in today's business environment, several software tools are available.

Since then every GE business has tried to move up the sustainability ladder, which has helped the conglomerate take the lead in several industries.

Two: Recruiting and retaining the right kind of. Analysis: Business Intelligence Tools for Sustainability. Sustainability measurement is coming to BI tools, but slowly.

Though a few vendors have products in development, only one has one for sale that can figure intricate carbon. Business sustainability requires firms to adhere to the principles of sustainable development. According to the World Council for Economic Development (WCED), sustainable development is development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” FT Articles .

Analysis of several articles on business sustainability
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