Court assignment

More than twenty 20 days before trial, stipulations for continuance will normally be honored unless the Court concludes a continuance is unwarranted. A party requesting the recusal of a judge may do so by motion and affidavit filed with the Clerk and a copy delivered to Court Administration and to all other parties.

This process would help ensure that the motion will be ready to proceed and would help in allotting an appropriate block of time for the hearing. For example, to reduce the volume of short motions, very short motions might be heard at 9: Except for good cause shown, all non-domestic civil cases shall trail for one day.

Timing of delivery of motion material and the motion confirmation form might also be reconsidered as a tool to improve motion scheduling.

Motions to be heard by a master are heard within two to three weeks. A further option is to convene Assignment Court by way of teleconference, given that appearances are usually brief.

Motion and Trial Scheduling

The appointment of additional judges, particularly in those court locations experiencing significant delays in having long motions heard, can be expected to have the most significant and direct impact on improving access to the civil justice system.

As a result, the list of motions scheduled to proceed cannot be finalized until two Court assignment before the motion is to be heard.

If motions were scheduled during fixed time slots, or even for the morning or afternoon court session, there would be a significant savings in cost to litigants. Larger Smaller The judiciary has exclusive authority over the scheduling of matters heard before the court.

In Ottawa, the delay in having motions heard was said by the bar to be growing, with short motions before a judge taking about six weeks to be heard, and long motions one to two hours about Court assignment months to be heard.

For example, if parties file material seven days in advance of the proposed motion date, and the motion confirmation form is due five days before the motion, this would provide the motions clerk time to re-schedule matters on overbooked lists or to fill lists that are underbooked due to phantom motions.

The appointment of additional judges, as recommended elsewhere, is essential. In the Central East region — and in particular Court assignment Whitby, Newmarket and Barrie — the volume of civil motions was said to be on the increase. Otherwise parties must bring a motion and typically appear in order to get the relief requested.

One option is to vest trial coordinators with sufficient authority to fix trial dates, with judicial oversight and direction called upon as needed. Two principal issues were highlighted in the course of this Review: Parties could be required to jointly submit a form to the trial coordinator to confirm that a case is ready to proceed to trial and estimate trial duration, permitting a tentative trial date to be scheduled.

The most egregious delay was in Brampton, when as of November trial dates were not being fixed until How might trial scheduling practices be improved to reduce costs and improve access to a timely trial? Until such time, the judiciary may wish to consider other improvements to motion scheduling to reduce cost and delay.

Brief ex parte, scheduling, consent or other matters that need less than 10 minutes might be heard during this period, freeing up time on the ordinary short-motion list.

In Toronto, the wait time to have a motion heard has decreased. In locations where there was no apparent delay, often the list was open-ended and overbooked so short motions scheduled to be heard could not be reached. To help further reduce the cost of such motions, these matters should be heard by teleconference see the teleconference recommendations in the Technology section.

Judicial Assignments

If there is objection and the setting attorney believes the objections to readiness are not justified, the attorney shall so indicate on the setting notice and the matter shall be heard by the Presiding Court assignment on the motion calendar.

If fixed trial dates, or something close to it, is provided, adjournments should be much more difficult to obtain than they are now, even on consent.

Short motions are booked through the motions scheduling unit, without any material being filed in advance. The introduction of 9: This may help reduce the frequency of matters getting bumped off the short-motion list. This is too late to deal with an overbooked list. Upon the serving and filing of a "Notice of Trial Setting and Certificate of Readiness," the Court Administrator shall forthwith assign a specific trial date and notify the Clerk and counsel of the date assigned.

Having lawyers wait in court all day to argue a motion, however long the motion will be, is unacceptable on cost grounds. The success of fixed trial dates is entirely dependent upon the ability to accurately predict the number of cases that will proceed on a given date.

Disqualifications of a Court Commissioner or for change of Court Commissioner will not be recognized. Very long motions more than two hours were heard within six months, which was said to be the amount of time needed in order to permit counsel to exchange motion records, conduct cross-examinations and deliver factums.

A judge could subsequently confirm the actual trial date administratively or at the pre-trial conference. In Toronto, telephone case conferences under rule 77 case management were said to be an effective and efficient manner of resolving procedural matters in an action.Oct 23,  · View Homework Help - Crim mag court from LLAW at HKU.


In all the Assignment Court locations, there will be the possibility of an afternoon Assignment Court list but that is not expected to be a common occurrence.

13) What are some of. Disqualifications of a Court Commissioner or for change of Court Commissioner will not be recognized. The remedy of a party is for a motion for revision under RCW (e) Pre-Assignment of Judge.

Connecticut Appellate Court Assignment of Cases.

All calendar assignments are subject to change and this web page will include the latest scheduling information. Circuit Assignments It is ordered that the following allotment be made of The Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of this Court among the circuits, pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42 and that such allotment be entered of record, effective August 1, The fifteen judges of the Franklin County Municipal Court are assigned courtrooms on the 12th through 15th floors of South High Street, Columbus, Ohio The list below indicates the courtroom number, the name of the judge assigned to that courtroom and the name of the judge's bailiff.

Court assignment
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