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In sum, it is almost impossible to convey how good this book is. On an early page Engdahl spells out rather more explicitly her own, presumably independently derived, variant of this: Teen People Book Club selection The feudalist "childhood" culture there is Enchantress stars sylvia louise engdahl yet aware that its world has been invaded by the advance party sent by a technological "adolescence" Enchantress stars sylvia louise engdahl, the Empire, which is intent on establishing a beachhead on Andrecia preparatory to colonizing the planet, with its aboriginals to be herded off into reservations.

It is by now a well known fact that the human people of the universe have similar histories -- not that the specific details are similar, but the same patterns emerge on every home world.

Each must pass through three stages: Let us know what you think of infinity plus - e-mail us at: Their love, however, can never be allowed to reach fulfilment, for it would be as impossible for Elana to stay on Andrecia as it is for Georyn to be plucked out of his own culture and introduced into the Federation: Review by John Grant.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. These and much else there is no room to describe here are deeper philosophical points than, alas, one is accustomed to encountering in sf. Another matter of significant interest about Enchantress from the Stars is the way its story is told.

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I was alone in my enthusiasm: Science fiction novels[ edit ] Engdahl wrote six science fiction novels published from to by Atheneum, all of which have been republished in the 21st century. The result is one of the most amazing books of any kind that I have ever read, and one that I could not recommend highly enough.

It can do nothing without belief, yet practically anything with it. Constructed along very realistic-feeling lines, the story thread weaves and turns unexpectedly and takes the reader into surprising places, never faltering in its drive. Obviously I looked around in UK bookshops for other Engdahl titles, but -- although I gather some others were indeed published in the UK -- I was never lucky.

Right at the outset this reviewer should confess to having had a long-term love affair with this novel. The tale of this inevitably frustrated romance is a large part of the appeal of Enchantress from the Stars Elana is an enchantress in more than one senseand of course the story of how Georyn in the end, through his own courage, eventually defeats the dragon is another.

Sylvia Louise Engdahl broaches complicated and ethically challenging subjects with marvelous accessibility, pointing out very plainly in her writing that while circumstances might change, and with those circumstances the views of people, nevertheless the emotions and mentality and basic needs of people stay the same, which to me is the idea that makes terrific science fiction into what it is.

Selected works[ edit ] Among 73 Library of Congress Online Catalog records of books created by Engdahl through which may include multiple editions of someall but the first 16 are nonfiction works as "book editor" beginning But what of the novel itself?

And at last maturity, when the discovery is made that what was termed "supernatural" has been perfectly natural all along, and is in reality a part of the very science that sought to reject it.

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database lists 11 books by Engdahl that were published from toincluding two anthologies she edited and three nonfiction books. As one does, I picked up fistfuls of disposable paperbacks along the way, most of which got left in anonymous hotel rooms after serving as forgettable mind-fodder.

Then adolescence, when man discards superstition and reveres science, feeling that he has charted its realms and has only to conquer them -- never dreaming that certain "supernatural" wonders should not be set aside, but understood. Please just read it.

The plot is completely immersing and fiercely gripping, keeping the reader on edge with almost intolerably suspenseful action and feeling. Runners-up and book lists Enchantress from the Stars has also been runner-up for a few awards and has been named to several book lists.

Metafiction is, thus, a primary component of this book; and yet there is no sense that anything so pompous-seeming is being thrust upon the reader, for Enchantress from the Stars never stops being a riveting tale, and can be fully enjoyed on that level alone.

All a person can do is to choose a goal that seems worthwhile and commit himself to it. The emotional consequences of the interaction between Elana, Georyn, Jarel, Evrek and still others is wrenching and starkly painful, painting pictures of such powerful resonance that the reader cannot help but be drawn in, and become a part of this future world.

What no one has reckoned on is that Elana and Georyn might fall in love, which they do despite the presence of Evrek as part of the Federation team.

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Over the years and eventually decades I reread it a few times, and was richly rewarded when my daughter grew to be of an age that she could enjoy it as much as I repeatedly did. Ringing through its pages is an extraordinarily appealing faith in humanity -- not in leaders or prophets, to be sure, but in common or garden human beings, whatever the level of the culture in which they happen to be fixed.

The delight intensified when the book itself arrived: I can still vividly remember my astonishment on discovering -- I think the view outside the hotel window was downtown Boston -- that this was much more than the standard crud.Enchantress from the Stars by Engdahl, Sylvia Louise and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at killarney10mile.com - Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Louise Engdahl - AbeBooks.

Enchantress from the Stars

Sylvia Louise Engdaul says that the reader? Does not need to know whether the people described are our ancestors or decedents. Who is the author of Enchantress From the Stars?

Sylvia Louise Engdahl. Who does the narrator. Enchantress from the Stars Mass Market Paperback – February 24, by Sylvia Engdahl (Author)/5(73). Background. Engdahl wrote parts of Enchantress in the s; many concepts in the novel date from that time, prior to Star Trek and other s science fiction. In a journal article, "Enchantress from the Stars: Sylvia Louise Engdahl, Star Trek and Science Fiction", Carol Littlejohn writes that many of the themes and concepts in the novel.

by Sylvia Louise Engdahl. Format: Hardcover Change. Write a review. See All Buying Options This book raised my eyes to the stars. Finally, "Enchantress" taught me that the way a person perceives life and truth are inexorably bound up with their life experiences and references.

"Enchantress from the Stars" stands among the few. Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Louise Engdahl foreword by Lois Lowry illustrated by Leo & Diane Dillon.

Enchantress stars sylvia louise engdahl
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