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More essays like this: He defends him against the bully of Jimmy Parson kicks during his fight over big Joe.

This is made obvious with his brother Charlie who was extremely influential and protective of Tommo. Charlie Peaceful preferred to do things his way and essentially this went against those who had more authority than he did.

The final literary element used in this book is imagery. During the times at war Charlie opposed the Sergeant named Hanley.

Private peaceful

This helps the reader connect situations to the picture that they already have of the layout of Hatherleigh. Set in England and the trenches of Belgium during the period of World War One, Morpurgo illustrates how different people respond to authority. There are several aspects of the Peaceful family, such as the values, love and supports to each other, but not all of the family have this kind of values.

The family that stick together, love one another and have a good attitude and values are more likely close and understand each other. Family Family is a term that can be interpreted differently by in individual, and is usually defined as a support system.

Private Peaceful Essay

The literary elements in the story bring the whole story together. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Mother liked to keep the peace and compromised to keep everyone happy. Morpurgo uses visual, auditory, and olfactory imagery in the book. When Morpurgo describes where they live, the reader gains a picture of the setup of the town.

He describes the house as an old cottage home which is next to a large hill. Charlie loves and really care to his brother Tommo an example for this is when Charlie sticks with Tommo of first day of school. The reader now has an understanding of what war and death smells like.

He had a smart mouth and rubbed his higher rank the wrong way on many occasions. Tommy smells men that have not taken showers in weeks and the stench of death.

Peaceful family have a good family values and they are really close to each other. Since Fathers death, Mother was left to look after the children and the house which belonged to the Colonel.

Readers can ascertain that Charlie was a rebellious character to those of higher authority as he liked to stick up for those more vulnerable than he was.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: He uses auditory when Charlie, Tommy, Hanley, and the rest of the squad are sitting in the bunker and Hanley is ordering them to make a break for it but Charlie ignores the order and the rest of the squad moves with Hanley.

Tommo, the youngest member of the Peaceful family followed orders to ensure he did not get punished or hurt. Morpurgo depicts the rattling of the machine guns and the screams of the soldiers that were cut short.

Not all the family is the same as Peaceful. Narrator Thomas Tommo Peaceful follows the rules and obeys the commands of people that are more powerful than him. This book really explains the cost of war on cities as well as the people in it.

In conclusion Private Peaceful shows authority in many different ways and how the characters respond to it. This shows how brave is Charlie. His brother Charlie on the other hand rebels to authority figures which ultimately causes him many problems.

Tommo agreed to this arrangement because Charlie was someone he looked up to and felt was more powerful than he was. In peaceful family we usually learned the importance life values such as bravery and accepting others.

This provides an image that the reader can use throughout the story. Another example of where they live is the creek that lies just at the bottom of the hill where Molly, Charlie, and Tommy fished for trout when they were younger.

The author of this book shows how love of the family is important.

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This left the Colonel feeling compelled to agree to the arrangement."Private Peaceful" is a classic fictional novel by Michael Morpurgo, dedicated to young adults.

The book was published in and ever since it got released more and more young adults started to read it. Private Peaceful Essay - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

An essay on characters in 'Private Peaceful' written by a Y7 pupil. Private Peaceful at two main themes, relationships and war.

I have written about symbolism, the use of literary technique and have given a personal response.

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Private Peaceful Essay; Private Peaceful Essay. Words May 18th, 3 Pages. Show More. When governments try to associate with the private sector n order to deliver public benefits it raises several questions. The reason private sector is driven by profit it is considered to be more efficient than the public sector.

But over the period. In Private Peaceful, he uses characterization, imagery, and setting to really help the reader understand and relate to the plot. Characterization plays a key role in making the reader relate to the plot.

Mar 02,  · Haven't got an essay question, but I did an inform, explain and describe task with them about the use of gas in WW1. It gave them a chance to do some research (i gave info to the weaker class) and they produced some really good leaflets.

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Essay questions on private peaceful
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