Essays on television a boon or a curse

Kamaraj was the person who introduced the mid-day meal scheme in schools, so that all children are educated. Anna Hazare is an social activist who has requested the govt.

But in the present scenario the goodness of leaders has vanished and they have started to experience the money they earn. Television can encourage family unity. However, the charm of this entertainment source lies in the fact that television can be used as a stress buster at times.

For example, television addiction can become the reason for obesity. The term corruption is in born in the society. The delay in disposing of the cases of corruption is one of the most important causes of flourishing of corruption. More Essay Examples on Politics Rubric The dedicated efforts of honest youth are bound to succeed in the long run in demolishing and vanquishing this social evil which has earned us a bad name.

The basic question is whether corruption can be eradicated? Corruption is a multi-faceted, hydraheaded colossus problem to be dealt with several measures simultaneously. It has now become a consideration state where everything can be had for a consideration.

This prevails in small to big issues. The youth of the society has a very important role in fighting the gigantic wild animal of corruption.

Chidambaram and many other ministers where part of this discussion in regard to combating corruption. Corruption has crept into every fabric of the society in such a way that it was the theme of speeches made by the President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Lok Sabha, during the golden jubilee celebrations of our independence.

The country which is known for moral and ethical values, where truism is adored, fair means were advocated to achieve anything, has now accounted among the most thirty nations of the world. Corruption is defined as a way of saving wealth for the family and for their personal use.

TV a Boon or Curse

So, I believe there has to be a balance in everything. The concept came into existence when people thought of their well- being and not about the people, below poverty line BPL. We are a billion people and with at least two billion houses.

It can make us happy when you need to be. General awakening can make the politicians and bureaucrats use their discretion carefully. To eradicate corruption from the society, all have to fight it. So, will it be right to say that television is a curse?

In primitive period, the scope of public administration was minimum; as a result, the scope of corruption was limited. The political parties have to be sincere and honest to fight the cancer of corruption.Schools often use television as a way of educating students as on television they can express many things that cannot be done in the classroom.

The people who are ill or who are disabled to go out can pass their time by watching television. Although television has given us all these boons and facilities but we should also be aware of the banes. Essays & Papers TV a Boon or Curse - Paper Example TV a Boon or Curse Corruption is rampant in our social and political life - TV a Boon or Curse introduction.

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Paragraph on Is Television Boon or Curse

If all of us has to decide whether television is a boon or curse, the opinion is definitely going to be diverse depending on. TELEVISION-BOON OR BANE Since the invention of the television by John Lagie Baire intelevision has been one of the most widely used equipments in households all around the world.

Effects Of Television Talk Shows Essay, Research Paper Effects of Television Talk Shows In the world of entertainment and TV, talk shows have undoubtedly flooded the Words; 6 Pages; Television - .

Essays on television a boon or a curse
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