Library thesis binding

The submission process includes an option to request an embargo, holding a thesis or dissertation from public online access for a period of time 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. If you are a distance student or cannot come to the library during binding service hours, contact Randy Rasmussen or by telephone at The copy delivered to the Honors Programs Office for binding must be loose pages, correctly collated in a box, manila envelope, or other protective enclosure.

Theses with incomplete title pages will not be accepted for binding. Belk Library will send departmental copies via campus mail. Completed theses are delivered by the Honors Office to the Belk Library for binding.

Once you have completed your thesis or dissertation, you will need to submit both a digital copy and a print copy to the library.

Is your question not answered below? Shipments to and from the bindery and the Library occur at three to four week intervals. For information on preparing and filing your dissertation with the Graduate Division, refer instead to the Filing Tutorial section of their website.

Thesis Binding

You must submit your thesis or dissertation electronically and fill out the Binding and Verification forms before your print copies can be accepted. Check with your program to see if a hard copy is still required for department archival purposes.

Both on-campus and distance students can use this service.

Dissertation Binding

There is no difference in price. Digital Dissertations Submission Page Your research, preserved for the world to see. All theses and dissertations Q: The digital copy should be uploaded BEFORE you submit your print copy for binding, otherwise you cannot get your Library thesis binding form signed by Library staff.

Please follow the steps below to place a binding order. We will contact you when your order is ready for pick-up. Please note- the initial filing of your dissertation with the Graduate Division is a separate process. Provide the Graduate School and your Academic Department with your permanent mailing address and phone number.

All copies must be in correct page order with completed signature pages. If you have any further questions, please contact Randy Rasmussen by email or telephone All bound copies, including your personal copies, are returned to your Academic Department after binding.

ASU watermark paper is recommended and may be purchased at the campus bookstore. There are numerous cover and spine-lettering cover options to choose from when placing your order. Helpful information about copyright is available from the U. Some departments Honors, Occupational Therapy have a color preference for their bound copies, but you may want a different color combination for your personal copies.

The changes to submission are: If you have a PDF copy of your dissertation and would like the Bindery to copy and bind it, there is an automated online ordering system where you can place your order, select the delivery method and make payment.

Our binding orders are sent to an out-of-state bindery that picks up and delivers once a month. The Graduate School does not check page order. Additional copies do not have to be printed on acid-free cotton paper.

Before an honors thesis is accepted for binding, the paper must be cleared by either the Honors College or the college or department where the student is receiving honors credit. For questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Howarter by phone at or via email.

We highly recommend all graduate students review this checklist and contact us with any questions. The library will cover the cost of binding for this copy.

Personal copies will be picked up at the Honors Office. CFL will not make print copies. Please fill out both forms before coming to the library.

The binding process takes approximately four weeks. Once you are approved, you may then submit your work using our submission guidelineswhich will help you navigate the interface and submission process.

Personal copies may be bound in other colors and do not have to be on waterbond thesis paper.Honors Thesis Binding Instructions. Please note that all Honors Theses are archived electronically at NC Docks on the Belk Library website and therefore archival hard copies are no longer required by the Belk Library.

- Your thesis or dissertation must be approved by the thesis or dissertation committee and the Graduate Dean to be considered a final document at which point no changes can be made by the author. Binding Instructions.

Thesis & Dissertation Binding

Thesis & Dissertation Binding F or Libraries. AcmeBinding binderies are happy to bind pre-printed sets of theses and dissertations for libraries. Loose pages are double-fan adhesive bound in the order received.

Thesis and Dissertations. How to Order Your Thesis. Or if you have a printed copy of your thesis or dissertation, place your binding order by filling out the Thesis Binding Order Form.

Send the order form with your thesis copy(s) and check payable to UC Regents to: UC Library Bindery Richmond Field Station University of California B Butler University Libraries offers thesis binding as a service for current students enrolled in a program requiring a written thesis component.

Using an online form, you will submit a digital copy of your completed thesis, including all cover page and signature components required by your department. The Libraries will print and bind one physical copy to be housed in the library.

Thesis and Dissertation Submission

Printing & Binding The Newton Gresham Library is no longer involved in the printing and binding of theses and dissertations. Students should contact their departments and committee members to find out if copies are required.

Library thesis binding
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