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Those that throw up after a few drinks are ridiculed, including women. It is questioned whether Greek life attracts or creates binge drinkers. A high tolerance for alcohol gains the respect of peers. Although there are other reasons a student may choose to binge drink, the influence of friends, the lack of outside control and the denial of drinking-related problems are the main forces driving the need to consume alcohol to the point of physical harm.

Binge drinking has become an accepted part of the college experience for many students. If you need a custom essay, dissertation, thesis, term paper or research paper on your topic, EffectivePapers. Besides alcohol posing, there are many cancer and diseases associated with alcohol abuse that ultimately lead to death for example breast and lvier and skin.

They associate binge drinking with a good time, but many are blind to the harm it causes, such as failing grades and unplanned sexual encounters. Students think the drinking is under control because this physical dependency is absent.

And unfortunately,there is a myriad of unwanted risk and consequences lurking behind every bottle of tequila,every joy ride while intoxicated, and every member of the opposite sex looking pretty good after a six-pack of beer. Many students partake in binge drinking to be socially accepted into a group.

Binge Drinking

Students seek information about the type of alcoholic beverages available prior to attending a party. In order to avoid the perils of binge drinking, students must be equipped with a strong self-identity and the desire to take full responsibility of university life without relying on outside control.

This inability to establish self control coupled with the novel environment of the university can be a destructive mixture. There needs to be a complete saturation in high schools and not the surrounding areas including buisnesses and the media, expressing how excessive drinking is NOT attractive nor socially accepted.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of students are unaware that their need to fit in with friends and inability to make individual decisions causes them to have dangerous drinking habits.

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Stats have demonstrated that drunk driving,unsafe sex and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases have continued to rise. They use alcohol as a prescription for stress, anxiety and boredom Rivinus However, while in college, many individuals find themselves on their own for the first time and are unable to exercise self-control when it comes to alcohol abuse.

Binge drinking, which is the consumption of more than 5 alcoholic drinks I one sitting,has become the way for many highschool students. Binge drinking differs from alcoholism because it is not a physical dependency on alcohol. Many binge drinkers realize that there is little immediate outside influence to push them away from the alcohol and they abuse their independence.

Other students find it difficult to make the choice to be the sober outsider. For children, parents exert that control. Students overwhelmed with the demands of academic life may believe that the use of alcohol is a legitimate method of coping with pressure.

The desire to be social enhances the willingness to binge drink. Unfortunately, the transition from high school to college often leads individuals to become first time bingers.

Social drinking has become a necessary activity at most weekend college parties.Home > Supporting Research > College Drinking Statistical Papers College Drinking Statistical Papers. Magnitude of and Trends in Alcohol-Related Mortality and Morbidity Among U.S.

College Students Ages(). Jun 29,  · Research essay sample on Alcohol Related Problems Age Of 21 custom essay writing binge drinking students alcohol. College Drinking Learn more Visit NIAAA's site -- your one-stop resource for comprehensive research-based information on issues related to alcohol abuse and binge drinking among college students.

Binge drinking is defined for men as drinking five or more drinks in a row in the past two weeks, and for women as drinking four r more drinks in a row (ICAP 1). This has become a great pastime for college students nationwide and a major concern on many campuses.

This paper received the Hines Award. It was written for Dr. Sauter’s nificant need for further research on the practices of binge drink-ing, specifically in college students.

While it also shows there to The Effects of Binge Drinking Among College Students. Binge drinking is indentified as the number one health hazard for American college students today.

For men binge is defined as having five or more drinks in a row.

Research paper college binge drinking
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