Visitors experience on their visit to jantar mantar tourism essay

On the way, students had a wonderful time playing games like On the spot Prop and Perform, Dumb Charades,etc. Not only students, the teachers also beamed with enthusiasm and zest. Mall road strolling provided the experience to students to manage money and buy souvenir for their loved ones, whereas Gun Hill visit enriched them with the history and present importance of the place.

Staff and Support Staff.

The school Principal, Ms. Archana Narain graced the occasion with their benign presence.

The Fest aims to integrate young and inquisitive minds to come under one common platform to give shape to their ideas and enhance their skills and knowledge in various competitions.

During the length of the day, students also visited Corbett Museum and Corbett Falls. Like, Red symbolizes energy, White-purity and Green—life; Yellow is for wisdom and intellectual energy, hope and gaiety.

Madhu Gupta and Principal Mrs. All the candidates promoted peaceful values along with their willingness to contribute for the student welfare to the best of their ability. C Sharma — Retd. This power packed visual treat culminated with the message which was loud and clear i. The day commenced with the general welcome of the parents.

It was indeed a memorable day as the students hailed their reunion with the teachers and also gained valuable suggestions to enjoy their freedom without compromising their focus and ambitions.

Excellence our goal

Children even took a pledge not to waste water and save every drop of it. A plethora of activities were conducted to help students deepen their understanding of the English Language and refine the language skills. They sang a song dedicated to their mothers.

A sample was also shown to the children which dumbfounded them. It was indeed a very technilicious session. Sandhya Tiwari and Dr. The entire hall echoed with thunderous applaud and every soul was stirred with the spirit of national pride.The Indian Heights School Activities and Curriculam.

TIHS celebrates Raksha Bandhan- a gesture of gratitude “Rejoice the spirit of Raksha Bandhan as virtue of protection and symbol of solidarity”.

Visitors experience on their visit to jantar mantar tourism essay
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