Why did the us get involved in vietnam essay

Soviet anti-aircraft teams in North Vietnam brought down dozens of U. In conclusion, the United States increased its involvement in Vietnam for numerous reasons.

In this view, Vietnam was neither a crime, a forfeit nor a tragic mistake. This made it all the more painful and humiliating for the Americans to loose, so troop numbers increased.

Harry Summers had been taken by Washington in Vietnam, there would have been a real danger of a Sino-American war with dire consequences for the world. Another interpretation, a fourth one, has recently emerged, now that the Vietnam War is history and can be studied dispassionately by scholars with greater, though not unlimited, access to records on all sides.

The greatest prizes in the Cold War were the industrial economies of the advanced European and East Asian nations, most of all Germany and Japan. An important short term reason as to why the United States became increasingly involved in Vietnam was the increasing danger and support of the National Liberation Front NLF.

The Cold War soon turned hot in divided Korea and Vietnam. Direct Chinese military intervention in the Korean War ensured a bloody stalemate rather than reunification of the peninsula under a non-communist regime.

Another important long term reason as to why the United States became increasingly involved in the war in Vietnam was the economic and military reason of the strategic importance of Vietnam. For many who study foreign affairs, the Vietnam War was a tragic mistake brought about by U. Of the three great powers that intervened in Indochina after the ouster of France in the s, the Soviet Union gained the most.

For this reason, most crises of the Cold War, from the Berlin Airlift and the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Korean and Vietnam wars, occurred when the United States responded to aggressive probing by communist bloc nations with dramatic displays of American resolve.

Following the Paris Peace Accords ofU. The ideas of a damaged US economy and military and the consequences this would bring for the Cold War, plus the lives given in vain in Korea were part of the worries of the Domino Theory, and were extremely important reasons as to why the United States became increasingly involved in the war in Vietnam.

They were an armed group to counter the unpopularity of the South Vietnamese dictator, President Diem and aimed to reunify Vietnam under a communist government. Johnson retaliated by increasing troop numbers in an effort to show just how strong a leader he was, and how powerful America was.

To others, the Vietnam War was a forfeit, a just war needlessly lost by timid policymakers and a biased media. The number of American forces peaked inwhen more than half a million U. The final important reason as to why the United States became increasingly involved in the war in Vietnam was the political ego of President Lyndon Johnson.

Why did the US get involved?

It also provides an answer to other critics who claim that the United States should have been more aggressive toward North Vietnam. The desire for Johnson to prove he was a strong President in control of the Cold War is therefore an important reason why the US became more involved in Vietnam.

The Soviet war in Afghanistan was the third major proxy war in the Cold War. William Westmoreland succeeded in preventing the Saigon regime from being overthrown by insurgents.

In the late 20th century, U. In the United States, public opinion grew opposed to the costs in blood and treasure of the controversial war. Johnson wanted to win the war as soon as possible, in order to keep it popular with the US public by ensuring as few lives were lost as possible, whilst also sending a message of intolerance of communism to the USSR to demonstrate US strength and therefore consistently increased troop numbers in Vietnam.

This provides an answer to those who claim that the United States, by its intervention, mistakenly turned a pure civil war in Vietnam into part of the Cold War. Johnson saw Vietnam as a chance to demonstrate his strength, whilst also containing the spread of communism in Vietnam and South East Asia due to his belief in the Domino Theory.

Moreover, getting increasingly involved in Vietnam may secure US economic and military interests in the region, due to its strategic importance, and could eventually lead to US victory in the Cold War.

Thirdly was the NFL and the increasing casualty toll the Americans were suffering which threatened to humiliate America in the Cold War, and fourthly was the political and psychological advantage Johnson saw in winning the Vietnam war as quickly as possible and thereby halting the Domino Theory.

Was South Vietnam too marginal an interest to justify a U.

The Third Indochina War soon followed. The economic importance of Vietnam was also vital to US interests. The emerging scholarly synthesis interprets the war in the global context of the Cold War that lasted from the aftermath of World War II to the fall of the Berlin Wall in and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in Inupon uniting Vietnam under their rule inthe victorious heirs of Ho Chi Minh imposed Marxist-Leninist totalitarianism on the south and helped their allies win power in Laos.

Instead, it was fought indirectly through economic embargoes, arms races, propaganda and proxy wars in peripheral nations like Vietnam. In the aftermath of Vietnam, the United States sought to put Asian conflicts behind it.The United States got involved in the Vietnam conflict to keep communism from spreading throughout Southeast Asia.

At first the United States only aided France with military aid and advisors, but after the French suffered a major defeat at Dien Bien Phu in the north-western hills, the French pulled. The United States Involvement in the Vietnam War the United States did not emerge from this war as victors.

The United States clearly should not have gotten involved in the Vietnam War because.

Why Did the United States Become Involved in the Vietnam War?

Why did the US get involved in Vietnam? From careful analysis, it can be said that the major reason was to prevent the further spread of communism after China fell. Why did the USA become involved in the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War was a military conflict that was fought in Southern Vietnam between and The Vietnam War was the source of many conflicting political and social opinions, especially in the years leading up to its conclusion.

Jan 13,  · This is an essay I've just found that I did for my GCSE History.

Why did the USA become increasingly involved in Vietnam?

It outlines the USA's involvement in Vietnam. I achieved an A* grade in it. Question 1: Explain why the United States became increasingly involved in the war in Vietnam. What Americans call the Vietnam War was the second of three wars in Indochina during the Cold War, in which the United States, the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China intervened in shifting patterns of enmity and alliance.

Why did the us get involved in vietnam essay
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