Why people choose religion

8 Reasons People Embrace Religion

Why do they oppose him, when He said He is the only way, truth and life for all people? It all depends on the people involved and the stregnth of the culture around them. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

But each new major we graduate, no matter what direction their professional lives take, contributes to increased awareness and understanding of religion. And what can be more powerful than greater self-knowledge to a 20 year old?

No one seeks God on their own but it is He who is seeking us. Some experience hardship, when they change their religion they feel reborn and regained peace. Tradition A lot of people just accept their religion because it is their tradition.

How do you choose a religion?

If monotheism and strict rituals appeal to them they can become Muslim. There are so many unanswered questions that no one can seem to answer and religion puts a bandage on those questions. Why did Scandinavia become Protestant, and do so far more completely than England?

Emeth started out has a Catholic baptizededucated and raised but one day he heard the truth and that truth resounded in his heart so he knew it was the truth and he left the cult of the "Queen of Heaven".

The followers of every religion will say that their religion is best. One can be satisfied with what they have arrived at not knowing that they would have struck gold if they would have kept on digging. Thanks to the encounter with Christ they discover an image of God that obviously they cannot find with Islam.

My religion pitch is not about whether this religion is true or that one false; or that this faith can heal the sick and that one is demonic and evil. We as creatures have been given a certain amount of proof to know He exists and what we need to know Him. Every person is different, so what is best for me may not be for you.

This is not a blind faith but an evidential faith. Articles can be reproduced in portions for ones personal use, any other use is to have the permission of the author first. All the way back to their great great great grandparents their people where following that religion so therefore it feels like they have to follow it too.

Just as there is no best ocean, best element or best blade of grass For me this represents the fundamental question.Religion is no longer the mode through which many people live their lives, and this relatively new state of affairs affects even those who remain religious: It opens up the possibility of beliefs and practices that are not simply inherited, but actively chosen.

What is it that leads people to change their religion?

To help answer these urgent questions, I present my top five reasons to study religion: 1. It will help you get a job and make lots of money. This is not entirely true, but it's not out of the realm of possibility either.

Why do people choose to be a religious “none”?

Jun 13,  · It’s been estimated that nearly 90% of people in the world belong to a religion; even if you exclude the children of religious people (in many countries, children are legally of the same religion as their parents until they are adults), it’s clear a large percentage of people have religious beliefs.

God had not been in the trenches, or anywhere else, with the ex-Servicemen whom I met at university. When religion was discussed, we listed the cruelties and stupidities of religion throughout history, just as Richard Dawkins and. Sep 11,  · What is it that leads people to change their religion?

The Top Five Reasons to Study Religion

This question has long fascinated me. It is such an interesting historical question. Why, for example, did once Catholic England turn Protestant?

Religion: why do people believe in God?

Most people today choose a religious system that appeals to their good nature, what they are comfortable with. Because this religion (if I may be allowed to use the term), is based upon a person and His work done on the cross, not our work.

Salvation rests on the person of Christ who must be alive or it cannot be carried out. He alone has.

Why people choose religion
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